Jakob Dall is a freelance photojournalist from Denmark who graduated from the Danish School of Journalism in 1998. He has worked as a photographer for several daily newspapers and magazines but also as photo editor at national daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende from 2002 to 2003. Jakob’s news photos mainly focus on how individuals are affected by events we often only hear about from a macro perspective in the media. Through his photos of people from areas of conflict, disaster and crisis he wish to show the faces and the realities of life in areas that need attention and help from the international community. Jakob’s previous photo series range from daily life of children in the streets of Northern Ireland to the victims of natural disasters such as the tsunami in Indonesia, earthquake in the mountains of Pakistan, drought in Ethiopia, flooding in Uganda and lately the earthquake in China’s Sichuan Province. In parallel with his frequent assignments for Danish Red Cross, Jakob is working on a personal long-term project called “Climate Change Documentary”, where he wish to document the impact climate change has on living conditions and daily life for people around the world. Jakob Dall is a previous winner of awards from World Press Photo and Picture of the Year, International.

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