“Christopher Askman is a photographer in the best sense.

He has apprenticed with Stuart McIntyre as well as Steen Larsen, both recognized in advertising, portrait and art photography.
Christoffer’s lighting has a very personal naturalness and sensuality. Whether it’s a paint bucket, a landscape or a portrait,
Christoffer achieves a closeness with his subject that creates curiosity in the viewer. His pictures often tell a story with an interesting poetic glow.
He is a master of many genres, and is interested in many more, ranging from the most difficult – promotional pack shots – all the way to portraits,
not to mention his own artistic expression. Christopher Askman is a great photographer, as were the old masters.
They ‘mastered’ all genres but they did it with great finesse and craft and put their own style and character in the photograph.”
Peter Fröhlich 2012

Website: http://www.askman.dk

Email: christoffer@askman.dk

Phone: +45 26203752